Economic Contribution

The Project will make a substantial contribution to the economy of Bangladesh. The Project will contribute in excess of one per cent of the country's GDP each year throughout its 30 year life. Approximately a third of all revenues, or around $7 billion, will flow to the Government in the form of royalties, taxes, duties and service charges. The Project will create around 17,000 jobs (direct and indirect) and the development of new industries using co-products from the mine and those enabled by Phulbari coal being used to generate electricity will create many thousands of more jobs. Training and employment opportunities will be provided to ensure that the benefit to the local communities is maximised.

The improved regional infrastructure necessary to support the Project will provide a catalyst for further development. For example, the fees paid for the transport of coal on the domestic rail network will finance the necessary network upgrades that would then be available to other rail users. Similarly the import of equipment for the mine and shipment of coal will provide the impetus for improved port facilities.

The Project will also have a positive effect on the balance of payments as it will reduce the need to import coal and other hydrocarbons.