The Phulbari Coal and Power Project is a substantial, world class coal resource that will support a long life, low cost mining operation and is the only such deposit in Bangladesh that has been subjected to a full Feasibility Study including an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment prepared to international standards.

It is a landmark project for Bangladesh and will deliver substantial benefits to the country and local community:

  • Energy security and diversity – The Project has a unique role to play in addressing the country’s electricity shortfall as its development will provide the basis for a step change in the country’s electricity generating capacity.
  • Regional development – The Project will provide 17,000 jobs (direct and indirect). In addition the development of new industries using the industrial mineral co-products from the mine will create thousands of more jobs. The living conditions of all affected people will be improved and their livelihoods will be restored and in many cases improved. As a result of year round irrigation, improved water quality, improved inputs and improved farming practices it will be possible to produce three crops per year with higher yields than at present.
  • Huge economic impact – Phulbari will contribute 1% to Bangladesh’s GDP each year and pay US$7.0 billion in taxes, royalties and service charges to the Government over the life of the Project. The replacement of high sulphur imported coals and other hydrocarbons will have a positive effect on balance of payments and air quality.

In partnership with the Bangladesh Government, civil society and the community, GCM is committed to developing the Phulbari Coal and Power Project to the highest national and international social and environmental standards. By doing this, GCM seeks to maximise the benefits of the Project for both the company’s shareholders and the people of Bangladesh.