Project Status

GCM has invested over £40 million in the Project to 30 June 2017 preparing the Feasibility Study, Scheme of Development, Environmental and Social Impact Assessment , Management Action Plans and more recently extensively refining and updating the work carried out in the Feasibility Study.  Explaining the Project to a wide range of stakeholders in Bangladesh also continues.

The Department of Environment approved the Project's Environmental Impact Assessment in September 2005.  The Project's Feasibility Study and Scheme of Development report was submitted to the Government on 2 October 2005 for approval.

The approval of the Feasibility Study and Scheme of Development has been delayed by political and social uncertainty arising in the 2006/07 election year which continued into the 2007-08 period when Bangladesh was governed under a state of emergency by Caretaker Governments. The elections held in December 2008 returned a new democratic Government with a significant majority and a stated intention to address the country's energy and power problems which are impeding economic development. Discussions with the Government continue and GCM remains ready to move the Project forward when it receives approval for the Project's Scheme of Development from the Government.